Boundary Surveys

What is it?

The National Society of Professional Surveyors describes a boundary, or cadastral, survey as a type of survey performed in order to measure, mark, and map the boundary lines of land ownership.  These surveys retrace deeds and other public records to verify the measurements of a piece of property for which the original survey could date back hundreds of years.  A boundary survey may also show any easements, rights-of-way, or other encumbrances on a piece of property.

When do I need a Boundary Survey?

Anytime you are buying or selling Real Estate, doing any type of construction, or building fences around a piece of property it would be beneficial to have a fresh survey. The boundary survey is the protection for the owner, or potential owner of land that things are where they should be. It would be a terrible shame to build an expensive house across an easement all to save the price of a survey.

What types of boundary surveys are there?

  • Residential Surveys – Commonly used in Real Estate transactions to show all improvements on a residential piece of property.
  • Acreage Tracts – Large tracts of land
  • Subdivision Platting – The legal action required to divide or merge two or more properties

Our approach

With over 60 years of surveying records at our disposal, as well as the embracing of modern surveying equipment and computer based mapping systems, HTS is able to conduct boundary surveys with greater accuracy and speed than thought possible only 10 years ago. The ability to merge the work done in the past, with the technology of today gives HTS the ability to meet the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently.